Mr. Brunt's Class

Latest update - 23 September 2017

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A short introduction
For those of you who might not know me, my name is Jerry Brunt, and I’ve been lucky enough to teach at LaMotte since 2001. I’m married with 4 daughters, a granddaughter, and 3 dogs. I’m originally from New England, but have lived in Montana since 1991 and can’t imagine living anywhere else. 

We are very lucky to have two wonderful aides working with our class this year. Mrs. Sailer and Mrs. Schultz will helping with Math instruction. Mrs. Sailer will also be teaching Guidance to our class. Mrs. Schultz is new to our LaMotte family, so please take a minute to introduce yourself and welcome her to our community!

Technology -

We are thrilled to offer our students one-to-one technology opportunities. Each student will be assigned their own Chromebook, which will be kept in the classroom and used here at school. Students will be assigned a email address which can only use to communicate within our LaMotte School community. Some of the sites we will be using on a fairly regular basis are BrainPop, Kidsa-z Reading, Khan Academy, Front Row, and Everyday Math. (We are also hoping to have a class blog.) Our students will have all the log-in information they need for each site so they can also work at home or if they're absent. We will not be using our Chromebooks every day, but these sites do provide some great learning opportunites for our students and are excellent tools for individualizing learning. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns about our use of technology. 


This week's focus -

Language Arts-

  • recognize author's purpose
  • decoding unknown words with CVC, CVCe, and CVVC patterns
  • introduce literary forms
  • locate information in non-fiction texts
  • recognize sentence types
  • recognize narrative elements
  • reading fluently

Math -

2nd Grade - 

  • introduce My Reference Books
  • count by quarters
  • odds and evens
  • recognize skip counting patterns
  • use calculators

3rd Grade -

  • introduce multiplication as equal groups
  • introduce division
  • multiply by 0, 1, 2, 5, and 10.

Writing -

  • drafting stories
  • writing with fluency
  • introduce revising

Science  - Life Cycles

  • explore photosynthesis

Spelling Lists - 

We will be using the Words Their Way spelling program. Each student will have their own set of words and patterns they work with for two weeks. We will not be sending any standard lists home or having weekly assessments. I was really happy with the way the kids learned using this system last year and expect to see even more growth this year.


You won't see A's or B's on any of our work. Most of the time you'll see either a Star (everything is great), a Smiley Face (looking good but might need a little more practice), or a Smiley Face without the circle around the outside (we probably need to reteach this skill).


Don't expect to see much homework sent home. Our students work very hard during the day, and I would prefer you get to enjoy each other during the evenings. I would ask that you have your child read for at least 15 minutes a night. This reading can take several forms...

  • students reading silently
  • students reading aloud to someone else (you, siblings, pets, stuffed animals, etc.)
  • you reading aloud to your student

To make this reading even more valuable and fun, have your child give a quick retelling of what was read each night.

I will be sending Reading Logs home in Friday Folders. Students who return their completed logs (at least 15 minutes a day for at least 4 days) on the following Thursday morning will earn BEARS that may earn them prizes at the Monday flag ceremonies! 

Volunteers -

We love having helpers in the classroom and will have opportunites for volunteers to read with students. I'll let you know when we're ready for helpers! We also take several field trips each year and will be asking for drivers/chaperones. Those positions are usually filled on a first-come basis once the trip has been announced. If you have a special skill or passion that you would like to share with our class, please let me know and we'll figure out a way to make it happen. 

How Can You Help?

There are a number of things you can do to help your child find success in school. Here are a few simple things you can start with.

  • practice basic math facts together (games are a great way to do this)
  • read together or alone for at least 15 minutes a night
  • have your child keep a journal or write letters/emails to friends and relatives

We share the goal of providing your child with the best education we can. You know your child much better than I ever will, and you are a huge part of his/her success. Please feel free to stop in or contact me if you have questions, concerns, or ideas.

Jerry Brunt