Middle School SS/Communication Arts

Mrs. Spyke's Class

Upcoming Events:
11/18-11/22- Spirit Week!  Check the s'more, or with your student for the Spirit Week outlook!
11/22/19- End of the first Trimester - Be looking for a schedule for upcoming conferences

11/25- 3:30 pm to 6 pm - book fair open for sales
11/26:  10am to 6 pm - book fair open for sales

Week of 11/11/19

6th SS.

Considering that Ancient Egypt is split into three categories:  Old Kingdom, Middle Kingdom, and New Kingdom, we are taking time to look at some of the beliefs that originated in during the Old Kingdom.  During this time period they solidified their polytheistic outlook of the deities that controlled nature. Also, an important aspect of their religion was the afterlife.  We are taking time to look into the mummification process, and the dynamic of a pyramid serving as a tomb, resting place, and entry for the pharaohs into the afterworld. Ask your child what advancements Egyptians came up with based on their beliefs of the Old Kingdom. 

Students will also be keeping up on current events through Jr. Scholastic and NewsELA!

Comm Arts:  

Reading: Students are beginning to read a new adventure novel during class.  They will take part in sharing and comparing the story elements they recognize within their books, with other students in the class.  

Spelling List:​

  1. canyon

  2. university

  3. equipment

  4. disastrous

  5. veteran

  6. audience

  7. aware

  8. embalming

  9.  religion

  10.  Giza


Spelling Tests will take place every Friday

Students will have the opportunity to practice a new set of words every week through a "Get to 30 Menu". This assignment involves students choosing from a variety of activities that encourage them to practice and use their spelling words in context.  There are activities with 5, 10 and 15 pt values, where they have the option to Get to 30 points. 

CA focus skill:  homonyms, story elements, verb tense agreement

7/8th Grade


Keeping up to date with current events through the new CNNTEN- check it out for yourself! https://www.cnn.com/cnn10

Everyone did a great job rising to the occassion to memorize and recite the Preamble to the Declaration of Independence. Some even chose to sing it!  This week marks the end of our American Revolution studies.  Students are doing some final research into influential people of the American Revolution. They have already taken time to look through their notes to highlight significant information for our upcoming chapter test at the end of the week. 

Focus skill: cause and effect

7/8 CA: 

This week we will be reviewing units one through three, including areas of comprehension, synonyms, and idioms that use their words in context . 

Students will also be taking some time to write back to their LaMotte penpals! Ask them all about it!

Focus skill: making inferences 

Have them share with you the activities that are available for practicing vocab online :  sadlierconnection.com

Please encourage your student to pick up a good book, magazine, news article, etc. 

"Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body."  ~Joseph Addison