Middle School SS/Communication Arts

Mrs. Spyke's Class

Upcoming Events
1/21-1/23- Maturation classes with Bridger Care
1/24- Mid-term 
2/3- LaMotte School Geography Bee @  2:30p in annex
2/12- LaMotte School Spelling Bee@ 2:30p in annex
2/14-  Cross Cut XC Ski adventure! Permission slips coming home soon!

Week of 1/21/20

6th SS.

This week we have continued our Geography practice by practicing longitude/latitude, using map scales, and becoming more familiar with locations around the globe.

We will take some time to investigate the Mediterranean region of Greece before we get into the studies of that ancient civilization. This area was first inhabited by the Minoans, then later by the first Greek kingdoms, the Mycenaeans. They learned from each other, where they traded heavily, worked with bronze, built ships and studied the sun and stars for navigation. 

Skill: longitude and latitude; map scales

Comm Arts:  

Reading:  In class we are reading the novel Nightvision  by Ella West. Students will take time to record story elements within their interactive story menu and discuss deeper with peers.


Spelling List:​​  

​No list this week- due to a short week, maturation classes and STAR testing.  (Results to come home with midterms, next Friday)

We will take some time to review spelling words from the year.

Spelling Tests will take place every Friday

Students will have the opportunity to practice a new set of words every week through a "Get to 30 Menu". This assignment involves students choosing from a variety of activities that encourage them to practice and use their spelling words in context.  There are activities with 5, 10 and 15 pt values, where they have the option to Get to 30 points. 

CA focus skill: point of view, symbols, problem identification (man vs...man, society, nature, technology, self, etc)

​7/8th Grade

SS:  This week our American history studies bring us to the Jefferson Era. We will identify how he and the republicans limited the power of the government, and furthermore, look into the size of our country nearly doubling with the addition of the Louisiana Purchase. ($15M)
In addition we are researching technical vocabulary relevant to this chapter, to identify connections and determine in which ways the Republicans limited the power of the federal government. 

We are halfway through reading Slave Dancer by Paula Fox

Geography activities that support growth in world knowledge. 

Keeping up to date with current events through the new CNNTEN- check it out for yourself! https://www.cnn.com/cnn10

7/8 CA: 

Students are participating in activities to become more familar with Vocab Unit 5 terms

Time to read

Have them share with you the activities that are available for practicing vocab online :  sadlierconnection.com

Please encourage your student to pick up a good book, magazine, news article, etc. 

"Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body."  ~Joseph Addison