Middle School SS/Communication Arts

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Week of 3/9/2020

6th SS. 

This week we are jumping into the next Greek chapter, The Culture of Ancient Greece. Students are taking a closer look at the details that make up Greek mythology, poetry and fables, drama, and art and architecture.   Students are working within groups to create a graffiti poster complete with ideas pertaining to their Greek culture topic. Students have also watched a few of Aesop's fables to draw out the important lessons taught within.  In addition, student will listen to the story of The Wooden Horse, an important story from the Trojan War. 

Comm Arts:  


In class we are reading the novel Nightvision  by Ella West. Students will take time to record story elements within their interactive story menu and discuss deeper with peers.

This week we are talking about problem and how to categorize the problem based on man vs. man, nature, world, self, and technology. Taking it a step further, they will analyze how the problem lends itself to the theme of the story. 


Spelling List

No list this week; we will take time to review words from our prior lists.


Spelling Tests will take place every Friday

Students will have the opportunity to practice a new set of words every week through a "Get to 30 Menu". This assignment involves students choosing from a variety of activities that encourage them to practice and use their spelling words in context.  There are activities with 5, 10 and 15 pt values, where they have the option to Get to 30 points. 

CA focus skill: problem, theme, subject, cause/effect, chain of events

‚Äč7/8th Grade


As students finalize their exploration with new travel modes west, our next area of concentration is Andrew Jackson and the removal of the Cherokee Nation. We will take some time to read primary documents based upon various perspectives to investigate the events that impacted the Native Americans during this time period. 

Keeping up to date with current events through the new CNNTEN- check it out for yourself! https://www.cnn.com/cnn10

7/8 CA: 

Students are in the midst of reading two new novels:
7th graders- The Outsiders   Complete.  Students are now working on a final theme poster that contributes main ideas, story elements, and repetends found to express their understanding of the story. 

 8th graders- Prisoner B-3087

This week students will take some time to review words learned in Units 4-6, with a variety of activities from reading comprehension, finishing the sentence, and denoting words used in context as positive, negative or neutral connotation.
Have them share with you the activities that are available for practicing vocab online :  sadlierconnection.com

Please encourage your student to pick up a good book, magazine, news article, etc. 

"Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body."  ~Joseph Addison