Middle School SS/Communication Arts

Mrs. Spyke's Class

Upcoming Events:
10/16/19- LaMotte Ninja Warrior course- 1:15 pm (Be sure to return donation forms!)
10/17-10/18 PIR- No School 
Friday 10/18- Gateway hosting Middle School Dance- * Please bring permission slip and money to be handed in at the door! 
10/21/19- Midterm reports go home next week!

Week of 10/14/19

6th SS.

This week students took their first chapter test over Mesopotamia.  They have been working hard with their note-taking, making connections and recognizing how the civilization puzzle pieces work together.  Our next area of exploration will be EGYPT!

This week we have also been focusing on naming and identifying the seven continents and four main oceans.  They have enjoyed the map work!

Students will also be keeping up on current events through Jr. Scholastic and NewsELA!

Comm Arts:  

Reading: Students are beginning to read a new adventure novel during class.  They will take part in sharing and comparing the story elements they recognize within their books, with other students in the class.  

Spelling List:​  No list this week- short week

Spelling and vocab review activities. 

Spelling Tests will take place every Friday

Students will have the opportunity of praciticing a new set of words every week through a "Get to 30 Menu". This assignment involves students choosing from a variety of activities that encourage them to practice and use their spelling words in context.  There are activities with 5, 10 and 15 pt values, where they have the option to Get to 30 points. 

CA focus skill:  homophones, homonyms; why do we read? why do they write?

Writing: We will take some time to discuss crafting newspaper articles. We will be looking at examples and pulling out strategies and aspects within the article that are captivating (and informative) to the reader.  

7/8th Grade


Keeping up to date with current events through the new CNNTEN- check it out for yourself! https://www.cnn.com/cnn10

Students tested over their knowledge of how geography affected industry in the three regions of the 13 colonies.  We also investigated the pathways, raw and manufactured goods that were a part of the Triangular Trade.  We will finish off the week playing a game that encourages them to make connections with technical terms related to Economics. Next we will take a look at the French and Indian War, which gives us relevant connections to delve into the American Revolution.  

Focus skill: cause and effect

7/8 CA: 

Students finished reading Secret of the Andes(SOTA).  SOTA is about an Incan boy, Cusi, who lives in the hidden valley of the Andes tending his llamas with an old wise man.  Cusi yearns for a family- and now it is time, time to embark on the valley below, find a family.  Where will his golden sandals take him?!  Make sure to check in with your child to see what is happening!  

Students have decided on a quote from the book on which they will base their collage book report. The report should cover the main story elements. Ask them to share their rubric with you. Due: Wednesday 10/23

Reading focus skills: personification, internal/external problem, direct/indirect characterization

Last week student pairs crafted a fall themed invitation showcasing eight of their vocab words!  Neat work!!
Have them share with you the activities that are available for practicing vocab online :  sadlierconnection.com

Please encourage your student to pick up a good book, magazine, news article, etc. 

"Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body."  ~Joseph Addison