Middle School SS/Communication Arts

Mrs. Spyke's Class

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Welcome to October!
Thursday 10/11- Picture Day! Compassion Project painting day!
Tuesday, 10/16-10/17- Middle School Campout @LaMotte Schoolyard (weather permitting)
Wednesday, 10/17- Midterm
Thurs/Fri 10/17&18- No School- PIR Days for Staff
Monday 10/29- Fall Concert 4th-8th grade
Wednesday 10/31- Halloween!  Join us for an all-school parade at 2pm. (No costumes until 2pm please!)

Week of: 10/8/18

6th SS.

This week we have been taking a look at the first law code ever recorded; Hammurabi's Code.  Some people think that the code set firm ground rules that covered most aspects in society, although some think that the laws were too cruel.  Ask your student where they stand on this debate.  (Make sure they give you an example).  Later this week we will take some time studying the difference between political and physical maps. Students will recognize the important components to understanding maps, such as the titles, legend, information provided, and layout. 

Students will also be keeping up on current events through Jr. Scholastic and NewsELA.

- Geographic Skill: Political vs. Physical maps

Comm Arts

Students are continuing to practice and recognize common correction patterns through completion of DOL sentence corrections daily. They are also learning new vocabulary throughout the week.  Each word sparks a discussion and allows students to make relevant connections to make better sense of the world around them. With these words, we do a weekly vocabulary wrap up to practice using them in context, as well as study them for synonyms, antonyms, and various word endings to expand their vocabluary.  

Throughout the year, students will have a weekly spelling list along with a "Get to 30" spelling assignment that will be due at the end of each week. Get to 30  provides a number of spelling practice activities that students will choose from, worth 5, 10, or 15 points, in combination to make 30.    

Students are in the midst of their adventure novel study.  They have been taking time to read, reflect, and practice comprehension strategies during class time. 

This week's focus: Using conjunctions to bridge sentence parts. Exploring compassion, what it is, how it looks, and how if might feel.

Spelling List- ​​​Spelling Tests will take place every Friday


  1. calendar

  2. conversation

  3. artisan

  4. Montana

  5. importance

  6. remarkable

  7. picture

  8. pitcher

  9. furious

  10. elated


7/8th Grade


Students did well investigating, generalizing and making sense of the big ideas that resulted in the rise and fall of the Roman Empire.  Everyone gave it their all on the test. 
This week, we have been discussing various news articles, and trying to read more current events.  Students were working on providing evidence to construct solid responses, as well as practicing summarizing skills. 

7/8 CA:

This week, we are taking on the new words within Unit 3.  There will be an activity later this week as a chance for students to use the terms in real life context. 

Students are reading a novel of their choice, in which their book report will be DUE: TUESDAY 10/23
Ask them what activity they are planning to use to best portray the story elements within their book. 

Skill focus: Thinking about our reading, and reading between the lines. 

Have them share with you the activities that are available for practicing vocab online :  sadlierconnection.com

Please encourage your student to pick up a good book, magazine, news article, etc. 

"Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body."  ~Joseph Addison