Health Enhancement

My name is Jacob Bleskin and I will be your child’s Health Enhancement teacher this year.  I am looking forward to an exciting and productive year with your child. 


This is my first year as a Health Enhancement teacher.  I graduated from Montana State University with a degree in K-12 Health and Human Development and am currently pursuing my Master's in education. Go Cats! My main goal for getting my Master's in Education is to better serve my students and give them the best opportunity to succeed. 


My mission as your child's health enhancement teacher is to prepare them for a life full of physical activity and health awareness. I want them to leave the class (gymnasium) learning something new every day.


Your student’s grade will be based on participation, wearing tennis shoes, meeting the proficiency level for skills practiced at his or her grade level, and behaving appropriately for physical education class.  If you have any questions regarding my grading policy, please feel free to speak with me. 

All students are expected to wear tennis shoes to every gym class.  When a student does not wear tennis shoes, he or she receives a minus for the day and will not be allowed to participate in class. Boots are obviously ok during winter, and will be required during snow days, knowing we will be outside most of the time. This policy is based on my desire to create a safe environment and only tennis shoes provide the appropriate protection and support for the activities the students are expected to perform.

I enjoy playing golf and fly fishing in my free time as well as spending time with my family when the chance presents itself. I do not have a spouse, and am currently invested in my time with Lamotte School.


Together we can make this year the best year possible for your child.  I will be on campus Monday’s and Thursday’s from 8-12. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call or email me. 


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Looking forward to a great year.


Jacob Bleskin

Phone:(406) 750-1923                  Email: