2017-2018 Concert Schedule

Tuesday, June 5: Eighth Grade Graduation, 6:30 pm, Hope Lutheran Church


CONCERT DRESS: Non-casual: slacks or khaki, button shirt or blouses, below knee skirt, no denim if possible.


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Meets Tuesday, Wednesday (in place of some World Music sessions) and Friday from 9:25-10:10.  All 4-5 students will need "Measures of Success - Book 1"



Meets Tuesday, Wednesday 8:30-9:20 and Friday from 8:30-9:10.  You will need the “Essential Elements 2000 - Book 2” for your instrument. Percussion: in addition to your instrument, concert sticks (all grades), and either one pair medium yarn mallets (Adams, Balter, Yamaha or equivalent), or one pair timpani mallets (Vic Firth T3 Staccato or equivalent) for students in grades 7/8.



•  A pencil, your complete instrument, and music is needed in order to participate.  At least three working reeds (for wind players) are needed with you every time class meets.  Brass instruments should be oiled and in good working order before each rehearsal starts. Percussionists are responsible for set-up, breakdown and storage of all instruments, accessories and sticks each time we rehearse.

•  If you are unable to play due to slight illness, dental work, etc...  you can still do fingerings and work with the group.  IN-SCHOOL = IN-CLASS = PARTICIPATING – have your instrument! Home practice time is expected of all (consistent daily practice is far more beneficial than “cramming” for an hour once or twice a week - try to schedule your practice time for 4-5 different days of the week for a period of time so it is “part of the routine” and not something “if I get around to it”).

•  Home = Practice (where you learn your part), Classtime = Rehearsal (where you learn everyone else’s part, plus new concepts and techniques to practice).


LOST OR DAMAGED PIECES: You will be charged actual replacement & shipping for each lost or damaged original copy of music that was checked out.  Any school books that are lost or returned damaged will be charged at the current retail price plus any additional shipping/handling charges.



Programs and performances are part of the educational process, not strictly a "finished product" or "entertainment". For example, as part of that process, our second through fourth graders learn recorders as a pre-band instrument before entering fifth grade. Is it important for the students to perform their B-A-G songs for an audience? - Absolutely! As a class, they nominate songs from their books they have learned, and vote on which ones they want to program.

Programs are designed to showcase each ensemble or class at their current level or step in the overall K-8 Music curriculum.

While our resources are limited and many pieces are "recycled", it should be noted that students do not repeat pieces (anything performed by a student will not be re-done by that same student on a different program later on), and most pieces have 2-4 years (or more) before reprogramming. When pieces are reprogrammed, most of the other pieces done are not from the same previous concert, so you will never hear "the same concert" twice.

The following is a list of all pieces programmed since Fall, 2011 and their respective concert date(s):


FIFTH GRADE BAND (2011-2014)

Anasazi (John EDMONDSON): 4-2014

Bugler’s Dream (arr. Paul LAVENDER): 4-2012

Caroling (Timothy JOHNSON): 12-2011

Dragon Slayer (Rob GRICE): 3-2013

First Holiday Concert (arr. John O'REILLY): 12-2013

Good King Wenceslas (arr. Andrew BALENT): 12-2013

Heritage (Michael STORY): 3-2013

Jingle Bells (PIERPONT): 12-2011; 12-2012; 12-2014

My Dreydl: 12-2011; 12-2012; 12-2014

Relics of the Past (Sean O'LOUGHLIN): 4-2012

Up On The Housetop (arr. Michael SWEENEY): 12-2012



Bugler’s Dream (arr. Paul LAVENDER): 3-2016; 3-2018

Cardiff Castle (Mark WILLIAMS): 3-2018

Chant and Canon (John O'REILLY): 3-2015

Countdown to Christmas (arr. Joseph COMPELLO): 12-2014

Dreidel Song: 12-2015; 12-2017

First Holiday Concert (arr. John O'REILLY): 12-2016

Good King Wenceslas: 12-2015

Jingle Bells (PIERPONT): 12-2011; 12-2012; 12-2014; 2-2015; 12-2017

Jolly Old St. Nicholas: 12-2017

Lost Kingdon, The (John O'REILLY): 3-2017

My Dreydl: 12-2011; 12-2012; 12-2014

Ode to Joy L.v. BEETHOVEN): 12-2015; 12-2017

Simple Gifts (arr. Jack BULLOCK): 3-2016



African Folk Trilogy (Anne McGINTY): 10-2012

Agon (James CURNOW): 11-2011; 11-2015

Anazasi (John EDMONDSON): 11-2017

Andromeda Overture (Mark WILLIAMS): 5-2012 

Beatles Forever, The (LENNON & McCARTNEY/arr. Eric OSTERLING): 3-2015

Bryce Canyon Overture (Mark WILLIAMS): 4-2012

Cardiff Castle (Mark WILLIAMS): 10-2012

Caroling (Timothy JOHNSON): 12-2011; 12-2015

Celtic Air and Dance (Michael SWEENEY): 4-2013

Chanukah Triptych, A (arr. Jacques RIZZO): 12-2015

Chorale from "Jupiter" (from The Planets) (Gustav HOLST/arr. James CURNOW): 11-2014

Christmas Fun (arr. John O/Reilly): 12-2016

Clouds (Anne McGINTY): 11-2013

Conflict (Larry CLARK): 3-2013

Countdown to Christmas (arr. Joseph COMPELLO): 12-2014

Crater Lake Overture (John O’REILLY): 3-2013

Crazy Train (OSBOURNE/arr. MURTHA): 6-2013

Eye of the Tiger (SULLIVAN III & PETERIK/arr. SEBESKY): 3-2013

Fantasy on an Irish Clogging Tune (arr. John KINYON): 11-2013

Frosty the Snowman (Steve NELSON & Jack ROLLINS/arr. Frank MANTOOTH): 12-2017

Furioso (Robert W. SMITH): 3-2015

Great Movie Adventures (John WILLIAMS/arr. Michael SWEENEY): 3-2016

I Gotta Feeling (ADAMS, PINEDA.../arr. BROWN): 4-2012

Ironclad (Sean O'LOUGHLIN): 5-2012; 11-2016

James Bond Theme (NORMAN/arr. STORY): 12-2012

Joyful, Joyful (BEETHOVEN/arr. Mark WILLIAMS): 4-2014

Junkyard Jam (Kevin MIXON): 4-2014

Kings From The East (arr. Mark WILLIAMS): 12-2011; 12-2016

Kwanzaa, Kwanzaa (Nicholas FORTE): 12-2017

March Grandioso (Roland F. SEITZ/arr. Robert W. SMITH): 11-2017

Mystery of the Maya (John EDMONDSON): 3-2016

No "L" in Swing (arr. Mike STORY): 12-2014

Northridge Overture (John O'REILLY): 3-2018

Nottingham March (Jerry WILLIAMS): 11-2016

Peach Blossoms (Bruce PEARSON & Dean SORENSON): 5-2012 

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End (arr. Johnnie VINSON): 4-2012

Postwood March (John O'REILLY): 4-2014

Prehistoric Suite, A (Paul JENNINGS & Teresa JENNINGS): 5-2012; 3-2017

Primordium (Mark WILLIAMS): 3-2018

Racing the Sun (Roland BARRETT): 11-2015

Regency Fanfare (Michael STORY): 4-2013

Ritmico (Robert SHELDON): 4-2013

Rowan Tree, The (Russell D. STANDRIDGE): 3-2017

Sahara (Roland BARRETT): 11-2014; 11-2017

Santa Rocks the House (arr. Paul CLARK): 12-2013

Silent Night (arr. Paul CLARK): 12-2012

Stonehenge Overture (James CURNOW): 4-2013

Three Christmas Carols (John KINYON): 12-2012

Thunder Hill Overture (Anne McGINTY): 4-2013

Warriors (Brian LEWIS): 5-2012