Mr. Drake's Class

Updated for the week of April 15-19, 2019

7th Grade Math:  The 7th graders analyzed cylinders, cones, and spheres today to generate formulas for determining the volume of each three dimensional shape.  Tomorrow we will continue to explore volumes of these before reviewing this unit later in the week for our Filling and Wrapping unit test on Friday.            

6th Math: The 6th graders integrated the order of operations into algebraic functions today.  Tomorrow we will be taking a quiz on this investigation before launching equivalent expression for the final investigation of our algebra unit the last half of the week.            

7th and 8th Grade Science: The 7th and 8th graders began presenting their culminating Pecha Kucha for our animal unit today.  We will conclude these tomorrow while completing a review of cell organelles.  Later in the week we will dive into mitosis (aka cell division) as a precursor to our genetics unit.               

6th Grade Science: The 6th graders presented their cloud type Pecha Kuchas today.  Tomorrow we will launch our next unit on water as we begin to explore the unique qualities of this life dependent molecule.  


  • On Wednesday morning we will be attending the MEA Senior Class Play Midsummer Night's Dream.  
  • One week from this Thursday (April 25th) willl be be participating in an environmental summit at Ted Turner's Flying D Ranch in the shadows of the Spanish Peaks.  We will be joining other rural middle schoolers as we learn from experts in the field of environmental science including wolf and fish biologists, an apiarist, a climatologist, YNP bison manager, a noxious weed expert, and more.  The keynote will be local writer and adventurist Al Kesselheim.