Mr. Drake's Class

Updated for the week of October 8-12, 2018

7th Grade Math:  The 7th graders have been working hard on the Hands On Equation Unit.  Today integrated algebraic notation into the manuvers of the manipulatives.  After working wit negative variables last week, we will spend the rest of this week weaving in negative integers.

 6th Math: The 6th graders created fraction strips today to illustrate halves, thirds, fourths...up to twelfths.  They alligned their creations to identify equivalent fractions.  We will explore fractional parts of fundraising goals tomorrow and then move on to fractions as ratios.  Our check up on the first investigation of the this unit will be on Thursday. 

7th and 8th Grade Science: The 7th and 8th are devoting portions of science this week to our Compassion Project.  We completed some meditation in class today and created a class mission on what it means to be compassionate.   We signed the contract and posted it in the classroom for future reference.  On Thursday we will complete our Compassion creations in Artsplot.  We will also be working on our Constellation Pecha Kuchas in preparation for next week's middle school campout.  

6th Grade Science: The 6th graders completed an online interactive lesson today on the relationships between birth/death rates and immigration/emigration and their influences on a population.  We will also simulate how ecologists utilize mark and recapture of organisms to determine population sizes.  We will continue work on our Constellation Pecha Kuchas in preparation for next week's campout.           

Events: Walk to School Day is Wednesday morning.  We will be meeting at the Ft. Ellis Fire Station and walk down to school and 8:15.

The weather looks to be favorable for next Tuesday's middle school campout.  Permission slips and details will be coming home the middle of the week.