Mr. Drake's Class

Updated for the week of October 14-16, 2019

7th Grade Math:  The 7th graders will be integrating all forms of negative and positive integers and variables with their Hands On Equation Unit today.  Tomorrow we will include parenthetical phrases into mix before we begin reviewing for a unit assessment Tuesday of next week.        

6th Math: The 6th graders will have a partner quiz today on finding fractional parts before moving onto connecting patios and rates. They will be investigating how partition snacks for various members of a hiking party and then will be exploring rate tables early next week as a precursor for future algebraic units.   

7th and 8th Grade Science: The 7th and 8th graders will have their unit assessment on Sound today.  This serves as a midterm test for their upcoming report cards.  Aftetr the students present their instruments tomorrow and Wednesday, we will be moving onto to exploring the properties of light.        

6th Grade Science: The 6th graders will take their first science test today to be included in their midterm grade.  Our next unit will be ecosystems and biomes where we will explore energy roles in an ecosystem and cycles of matter.     


  • Wednesday is the Ninja HE Fundraiser event at 1:15