Hello Everyone and welcome back to another great School Year at LaMotte!

I am very excited to be back for another year of Spanish and looking forward to exploring our world with your students!

Global Awareness: What is being celebrated in Spanish Speaking Countries at this time?


There are many beautiful, funny, and even some sad celebrations throughout Mexico and Central America. Early in November in Mexico and Central America, the holidays ALL SOULS’ DAY and ALL SAINTS’ DAY are celebrated. Although these are traditional Catholic holidays, they also coincide with an old Aztec celebration of death.

With the coming of the Spanish, old Native-American customs mingled with the new. The result was a holiday with absolute uniqueness in arts and crafts, foods fiestas, and more!

Mexican and Central Americans celebrate All Souls’ Day by making ofrendas (little shrines) to place in their homes and in churchyards to honor their loved ones who have died. Families work lovingly to make the ofrendas beautiful. Often, incense and rich yellow or somber black candles are burned.

Throughout Mexico, where many cultures flow together, death is not considered a part of any specific religion. All Souls’ Day provides opportunities for the people to honor their departed loved ones.

What are we working on?

1st-6th Grade Students: We have started reviewing and practicing Greetings and Expressions in Spanish. We will also be using number vocabulary and practicing our numbers in Spanish this month.

7th/8th Grade Students: We started our year by recognizing and becoming familiar with all of the Spanish speaking countries in our world. This month we will also be reviewing our introductory Spanish unit that reviews the basics from 1st-6th grade.


Muchas Gracias

Profesora Heppner