Middle School Communication Arts and Social Studies -Extension 501


My name is Liz Spyke and I teach middle school Social Studies and Language Arts at LaMotte School.  Originally from Muskegon, MI, I graduated from Western Michigan University in 2008 with a Bachelor of Science in Education.  I traded the Great Lakes for the mountains seven years ago, where I have worked various positions within the school system here in Bozeman.  I am extremely excited to be a part of the LaMotte School teaching team and community yet another year!  The majority of my free time is spent camping, hiking, skiing, or simply soaking up the outdoors with my husband, Jordan, and our three pups.   I am very lucky to be teaching a subject that mixes well with middle school students- practicing communication skills!  Through current events, historical events, discussion, and opportunities to problem solve together, I hope for my students to continue to develop instrumental life-skills and expand their love for learning.  I am looking forward to another year at LaMotte School!


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