Parent Group

Old Business

Parent Group online Calendar

- Jen will start emailing out an agenda before the meetings, minutes after the meetings, and will maintain an active email list, but we need a volunteer if we want an online calendar or to update our page on the website.

2015 Fun Run $

-Snowshoes? Amy will look into pricing snowshoes and Jen is looking into field trip options such as The Ridge, Spire, Swim Center, bringing in private instructors; yoga, zumba, etc. in order to help the staff use funds this year.  We have $3,100 to spend from last year’s run.

2016 Fun Run

-Change to the fall, we will set the date and location at the end of this school year in order to do it first thing this next Fall to raise money for 2016-17 physical activity enhancement.

T-shirts-Thank you Jacy!

-Parent group has 2 adult sweatshirts, 1 adult t.shirt, and 11 kid’s size t.shirts to sell, they are stored in our closet in the annex.

New Business

A thank you note was written for Mr. Bleskin (Ice skating rink) on behalf of the parent group.

Replacing lunchroom microwaves in order to speed up heating times

-Is this something we are interested in doing? Laura will price what new higher powered microwaves cost and we will discuss again in March.

Dr. Seuss’s Birthday breakfast

-Wednesday morning, March 2nd, families are invited to attend breakfast and story time in the annex..

-We will ask kiddos who raise chickens to bring in eggs (if they have extra) and parent group will purchase the additional supplies for green eggs and ham.

-We need a few volunteers (in the past it has been Dads) to make and serve breakfast.

Staff Appreciation is coming up in April

-Contact Anne Reimer to sign up for which staff member you would like  @ 579-4243.

Art Auction- Date is Wed. June 1st, goal is to raise $6,000.00 in order to fund ArtSplot again.

-Feedback from last year/new ideas/volunteers- We will intermix the music concert with the art auction this year instead of breaking it up into two separate sections. We discussed ways to keep it shorter so that families can get home earlier, involving the middle schoolers by having Mr. Drake and Mr. Ivester lead them in a group song/performance, purchasing a gift card to thank our amazing auctioneer, and having a silent auction for furniture made by each class.  Mrs. Burke will talk with the staff to see if they are interested in doing the class furniture pieces with parent group’s help. Jen is going to meet with ArtSplot soon to get an idea of what we need to do to finish (frame) individual art pieces and to suggest using canvases if possible.

PE Shed- Mrs. Burke let us know that a generous donor has donated a 10x16 new shed via Mr. Bleskin for p.e. equipment storage! A thank you note will be written for next month’s meeting.  

Next Meeting (probably March 23rd at 2:45 p.m.